// A think tank on the move!

Thank you to all our guests, collaborators and attendees for joining our virtual round (outdoor) table to discuss the future of an online, architectural, decentralized education. A think tank on the move! spread from the West Coast to the Middle East, online, outdoor, away and together.

The event took part on 25.09.2022 as part of the /22 edition of IOEZ – AA Visiting School /Online.

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Monday 19 - Sunday 25.09.2022 (WEEK LONG TEACHING MODULE)

A `new togetherness` is something we became familiar with in various forms over the last three years. Being close while remote, had to be experienced across the globe while merging screens, hands, airwaves, footsteps and frequencies, interpreting signal delays, overlays and spatial volatility. This remote inhabitation is here to stay.

We are INHABITANTS OF EXCLUSION ZONE (IOEZ), an online-only, remote and open-source architectural research assembly travelling to places out of reach, geographically demanding, socially inappropriate or politically unsettled. We translocate across the world in various forms to discover, ask and experience, creating an augmented world of ideas that transforms with our ongoing experience of it.

During our LIVE/20↗︎ event we translocated across the globe between: Ramallah, Mumbai, Taipei and Nagoya to name a few, exploring our most familiar places becoming an exclusion zone under curfew. This year we are set to define and identify multiple exclusion zones. From political to social, environmental, economical, residential and not least technological – zones that can be physically restraining or demanding, socially exclusive, ideologically challenging or uncomfortable.

LIVE/22 sets to portray an inhabitation across borders, places and spaces, dedicated to times of trans-nationality and geopolitical instability. Defining new territories as they become abstract with distance and the fusion of multiple points of view.

Zooming far from the physical distractions of each context, a world of ideas, observations, connections and conversations emerges. We explore geographic territories through memories of those exiled, refuge, nomads or clandestine spatial riders, with a focus on mundane living rituals – while spread across temporary residences, local regulations, cultural and social differences.
This digital connectivity between our worlds and places is what we call translocation.

Translocation allows a disconnect from the physical distraction, travelling with the mind while browsing someone else's perspective and perception. We are travelling to a space that no longer exists as such – a decentralized, collective experience where those presenting their familiar places equally depart together with all of us, the audience, on a journey where unexpected qualities and dimensions reveal.

Our goal is to detail, question and discover a decentralized spatial setup, defined by the power of thoughts and conversations, which one is exposed to either involuntary or by choice. A set of online outdoors, emerging between fast switching locations, broadcast, design observations and conversations.

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