IOEZ.LIVE is a unique, online-only, year-long academic framework of research studies. It covers a series of 'school of thought' modules while teaching `observation` as a critical thinking skill. Alongside, a set of yearly modules are in place for teaching communication and media-related technologies. The IOEZ.LIVE academic year is composed of 3 main categories: CORE MODULEs, EVENT WORKSHOPS and EXHIBITS.

- Part workshops and part lecture the CORE MODULEs are (two) week-long academic events. The Spring session (April) and the Autumn one (September) are two yearly experiences teaching and focusing on our research agenda. The CORE MODULEs are the most in-depth sessions as part of IOEZ.LIVE School, brings together worldwide participants and collaborators across different locations, cultural and technological contexts.

- The EVENT WORKSHOPS are a series of one-day events, spread across the entire year. These short courses will address current cultural polemics, visit key institutions, explore high-interest locations, invite renowned public figures and practitioners or teach media and technology as part of skill-based workshops and online support.

- Not least, EXHIBITS are ways of promoting the participant’s work. This will be done through yearly exhibitions opened at a physical location between JUL-AUG and relocating in various places around the world yearly. A physical publication will be printed and released in December. The works that comprise the EXHIBITS are the output from the CORE MODULEs sessions and the EVENT WORKSHOPS.


IOEZ.LIVE invites participants from all over the world, especially those from the most remote places on planet Earth.
Off-grid but online™ - we welcome creatives and thinkers from across all disciplines.


- Learning `observation` as critical thinking, media-agnostic skill
- Practical learning of up-to-date digital technologies and media
- Have your work physically exhibited for the duration of 2 months in key cities and institutions across the globe
- Have your work published in an independent or renowned printed publication.
- Being awarded an Architectural Association Transcript
- Being part of a like-minded network
- Researching, discovering and studying the wide-spreading landscape of an online generation, culture and technology-driven architectural experiences


CORE MODULEs = £480 (1x module)APPLY
This is a one-off payment, covering a week-long academic experience with a varying schedule based on the topic, number of participants and invited guests. The £480 fee gives you access to one CORE MODULE.
2 in 1 discount: One CORE MODULE subscription allows you to be joined by a partner (friend or relative), for free! The only requirement in the case of a joint registration is for both participants to be physically in the same location, in near proximity to each other.

EVENT WORKSHOPS = £540 (3x sessions) – COMING IN 2023
The fee can be paid both as a one-off or as a yearly membership subscription paid in monthly instalments of £45. An EVENT WORKSHOPS subscription also offers year-long assistance and support via our Discord channel.

There are no fees applicable for the EXHIBITS.
EXHIBITS come in support and to promote the outcome of the CORE MODULEs and EVENT WORKSHOPS. The fees are to be used in rewarding the invited guests, installing the exhibitions and producing the end-of-year publication. Both the exhibition and the publication will feature all participants that took part in the IOEZ.LIVE School during that year.

! For the CORE MODULEs a £60 Architectural Association Digital Membership fee is applicable.



We are actively looking for Patrons, Sponsors, Investors and Supporters to facilitate bursaries, outreach and exposure.
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