We are INHABITANTS OF EXCLUSION ZONE (IOEZ), an online-only, remote, and open-source architectural research assembly located on a server near you. Currently part of the Architectural Association's Visiting School program, IOEZ sets to define `on-line` as a place to visit, the online outdoors®. An academic program for which a physical location is detrimental.

We are travelling to places out of reach, geographically demanding, socially inappropriate or politically unsettled. Places unbound to the time of day, weather, borders or policies, but those relying on ideas, transistors, networks and topographies.
We merge screens, hands, airwaves, footsteps and frequencies, interpreting signal delays, overlays and cultural shocks, in a world maintained by digital connectivity. A different `site`, a different type of travel and mobility.

We set to explore a world built out of observations that transform with our ongoing experience of it. One in real-time, that not only transports a physical location but also reveals the unseen reality of translocated local networks and infrastructures.
Spaces become abstract with distance and the fusion of multiple points of view. Zooming far from the physical distractions of each context, a world of ideas, connections, narratives and conversations emerges. A world in transit taking shape while being transited.
Translocation allows a disconnect from the physical distraction, travelling via networks of grey matter while browsing someone else's perspective and perception. We are travelling to a space that no longer exists as such – a decentralized, collective experience. A space broadcasted in its pre-build, post-built or un-built state.

We are set to identify and discover all political, social, environmental, economical, residential and not least technological exlusion zones out there. Some that can be physically restraining or demanding, socially exclusive, ideologically challenging or uncomfortable.

IOEZ discovers, asks and experience, in various forms. A real-time global expedition, revolving around the spatial thinkers of tomorrow, converging time-based interferences into augmented arrangements of time and space.

IOEZ defines spatial frameworks and experiences on the edge of systematic computing, a conflicting mix of analogue and digital.

“I was walking in London and a car from Mumbai hit me.“, he said.

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