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INHABITANTS OF EXCLUSION ZONE (IOEZ) is an online-only, remote and open-source research assembly located on a server near you.

A global expedition, revolving around the spatial thinkers of tomorrow, converging real-time interferences into augmented arrangements of time and space. A plug-in studio of the Architectural Association, broadcasting in real-time.

We come together to explore a space unbound to the time of day, weather, borders or policies, but one relying on ideas, transistors, observations, networks and topographies. A territory defined by you, explorers, restless, curious and critical individuals - spread across various geo-locations, unfamiliar places, cultures and communities.

We will be merging screens, hands, airwaves, footsteps and frequencies, interpreting signal delays, overlays and cultural shocks. Creating, mapping and broadcasting real-time experiences and narratives as a critical form of digital inhabitation, through integrated non-linear space-time relations.

IOEZ defines spatial frameworks and experiences on the edge of systematic computing, a conflicting mix of analogue and digital, a world in translocation. The online outdoors®

/24 J0iN NOW! ⟶ 🔴 05 - 10.08.2024
/22 EXPLORE ⟶ ⭕ 19 - 25.09.2022
/20 EXPLORE ⟶ ⭕ 16 - 3.07.2020

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